Eating sunflower seeds

Long waits for chargers during the Spring Festival holiday. We’re near the border of Jiangxi & Anhui, and we cannot find a battery swap — so we need to charge as well. We’re already charging but the new cars arriving have no space to queue and randomly find spots. It’s a funny spectacle. The Tesla jumps the queue and reverses into the charging spot, but the tiny white car came here first! The owners step out and quarrel for a long time. They agree on the order, but the woman of the Tesla still stands on the charging spot: “Ok, but I still don’t want to move.” Finally, she moves, the tiny car can charge — only to discover the fast-charging plug doesn’t fit! “Ai, how do I get home now?!”

(We’re just bystanders entertained by the quarrel — so in Chinese this is described as 吃瓜: Eating sunflower seeds.)