Coins on the roof and a hole in my jacket

Are you allowed to have fun in temples? Nanchan temple (南禅寺) in Wuxi today.

People are trying to throw coins into the incense burner, or onto the top or second roof. If your coin lands on the roof, there’s a good chance it’ll come sliding down, taking more coins with it, so if you start with one coin, you quickly have several more in your hand to throw with.

I got a coin on the second roof, and was then encouraged to go for the top roof, on which eventually I did land a coin.

Does it bring any luck? Maybe? I just hope I didn’t offend any gods.

People partake in all kinds of rituals. Praying, donating money (either in a box, or by scanning a QR code), and you can rub your hands over the Qilin on the same incense burner.

Some people buy a red candle and three sticks of incense. First they light the candle, then their incense (using their own candle), then hold it in front of them and bow in all four directions, often with their eyes closed.

I didn’t watch out and somebody bowed with his incense and burned a hole into my winter jacket. Oh well. I hope spring comes soon.