Buying poultry

An old guy says: “The top one, give me a big one. No no no, the one to the left”, to which an old lady yells: “C’mon it’s all the same.” The next person wants half a roasted duck: “A small one please”, but when the staff shows a tiny duck she’s: “No no no this one is too skinny, all bones and skin, no meat” and another person in the line says: “Oh, but you wanted a small one!!”, and a moment later it’s her turn and she says: “The big duck! On the top!” to which the shop staff says: “No ma’am, that’s a goose”.

一个老头说:给我挑选最大的鸭子!左边的!啊,左边那一只!嗯嗯!“, 然后一个排队的女士说:“啊呀都一样!”下一位说:“我要一半儿的鸭子,小一点儿“,但当店员拿一只小的时,她说:”不要这个,太小了,只是骨头和皮!“,后面的女士说:”你不是刚刚说想要小一点儿的吗?“ 马上轮到她:”我要那只大的,上面!“,然后店员说:“女士不好意思,这是一只鹅。“