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Archive for August, 2015

Driver Spotlight: Stefan Bellof

The timid Stefan Bellof played tennis, squash, sailed and skied. Yet most of all, he excelled at racing. Images of him in the nimble black Tyrrell remain of his F1 legacy, along with the thought of what could have been.

Now, here, on


Driver spotlight: Alfonso de Portago

Fifth driver spotlight now on Badger GP, this time on the bigamist, jockey, bobsleigher and F1 driver Alfonso de Portago, who makes a great story. Read it here.


You’re the best writer

In response to Medium’s What’s the Best Writing Advice You‘ve Ever Received?

Writing advice: You’re the best writer

This advice, from a YouTube video from Chiron Holwijn, goes beyond the obvious writing advice that’s out there. It’s simple advice, arrogant even, but believing that you’re the best writer in the world’ is liberating.

This belief tackles the bad habit some writers have, trying to copy others in order to be great. Instead, now you can write on wherever your interests lie. This belief also enhances your confidence, which is great to see. Never hold back. I’m reading you, for you.