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Archive for February, 2016

Moving ahead

“How many moves ahead do you think?”, a journalist once asked legendary chess player Garry Kasparov. Many in the room thought he’d come up with a ridiculously high number, which would make us all understand what made Kasparov such a great chess player, yet Kasparov simply replied: “There is no answer”, and continued: “The main thing in chess is not how many moves ahead you can think, but how you analyse the current situation.”

Applying the same strategy to life, let’s think about how often — instead of objectively assessing what’s happening to us now — we try to count and map moves forward: a fixed plan in a game of variables. Like chess, life doesn’t work that way.

Once we stop looking ahead and examine the moment, new opportunities arise, and difficult decisions become obvious. Anyone who doesn’t know what to do next, only doesn’t know what is happening right now.


Driver Spotlight

What goes on in the mind of another? We can see actions, hear words — but one’s thoughts are always one’s own. Didier Pironi’s first victory for Ferrari deemed it likely that he would be France’s first world champion, yet it ended his friendship with Gilles Villeneuve, for the victory had come in an inexplicable act of betrayal — its reasoning obscured for us — and neither Pironi or Villeneuve would ever fully fulfil their talent to become Formula 1’s world champion.

Ten minute longread on Badger GP!

Driver Spotlight: Didier Pironi

Now writing for Coanda Simsport

After my BadgerGP article on simracing, here, Coanda Simsport approached me with the question if I wanted to blog for them. I’ve written a lot about ‘offline’ racing, so now it’s a really nice opportunity to write about some online racing as well!

Here’s the first article of many, on Coanda’s new livery.


On iRacing’s website, here.
On Coanda’s website, here.